Wrack Preview

What do you get when you combine the striking cel-shaded graphics of Borderlands, with an arcade style shooter similar to Quake? You get Wrack and while the name may not be something to write home about the game itself definitely is. Wrack is quite a game and launching as an indie title with an asking price of 9.95 you can’t go wrong.

The visual styling of Wrack seem quite similar to that of Borderlands at least upon seeing your character’s own bodily parts and even several weapons seem to have drawn inspiration from the wacky first person shooter along with comedy. Protip: To win at Marvel vs Capcom 3 pick Wesker and put him last on your team is but just one of the sayings that Wrack offers upon it’s loading screen. So even despite the games protagonist being absent dialogue, the game has its own charm.. The sound quality along with the level design is something that the developers have taken seriously and it comes together quite well. The levels feel like Doom yet at the same time something unique to Wrack itself. Puzzles are scattered throughout the levels, which comes across as a breath of fresh air in todays FPS market.. Just like the Doom-esque level designs, the music certainly has that retro Doom quality, taking just enough for inspiration but leaving enough room to produce something it can call its own.

Your character has a sword and comes across a pistol and shotgun, as well as other weapons later in the game Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses against certain enemies such as spiders that appear very early on in the game. While a pistol may seem most effective to dispatch them one swing of your sword also does the job. While the spiders are easy to take care of  several of the other enemies are more than capable of dispatching you if you don’t play against their weakness. In line with the retro feel of the game Wrack offers no aimed down the sights view, only it’s ‘hipfire’, this keeps the gameplay comfortably fast paced.

Whilst health regeneration has become the standard for most Modern first person shoters, Wrack ignores convention and instead scatters health and armour portions across the games levels. Throwing back again to the classics like Wolfenstein,  Wrack also has several hidden places in which a variety of other things can be found. One thing in particular that I found and knew would be helpful in the long run was an extra life, for a moment I thought all games had done away with that feature but apparently Wrack seems to want to bring it back.

While the developers of Wrack claim to have a story for their title it certainly didn’t seem evident upon playing the ‘campaign’. The campaign is have split their campaign up into three different episodes, but only one the first part of the first episode was available in our preview build. While three episodes may not seem like many, each episode has many segments (or levels) and the game will offer varying difficulty levels to provide replay-ability and increase lifespan.

Story mode is not Wrack’s only offering though. Time attack, Score attack and Challenge mode will also be available, alongside achievements for those that strive to earn those virtual accomplishments. Perhaps most anticipated, Wrack’s developers have also even thrown in a level editor for those who love to dabble in the creation aspects of games. Creating and sharing levels will off course vastly expand the games potential lifespan.

The love child of Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein and Borderlands that Wrack seems to be is definitely one to keep on your radar, particularly if you’re interested in these lower budget type of independent developments.  Wrack is currently available for pre-order on their website, the preorder grants you immediate access to the first part of episode 1. I urge you to check it out!

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