Star Wars 1313, insight and delay

It’s nice to see that after so many outings with one of the most iconic and much loved weapons: the trusty Jedi Lightsaber (or even republic blaster), that such a series can still bring something fresh for gamers to enjoy. We have seen many variations and game-play styles span many games, most of which centre on movie based tie-ins. However, because the Star Wars universe is such a large one it is great to see titles like 1313 take a more alternate approach to the story. Set in familiar locations from the Star Wars lore, 1313 takes place mainly on Coruscant, specifically Coruscant’s subterranean level 1313; which is the premise of the title.


This is the underworld section of Coruscant home to villains, corruption and non-Jedi supporters, with no hint as yet to any other locations or familiar characters.

With no sign of the Jedi or Sith being present within the game yet, I think it likely that there will be an appearance somewhere along the line during the course of the game. The first screenshots show a much darker Coruscant, a living breathing city deep beneath the refinery of Coruscant’s wealthier and more prominent population. The game looks set to promise a harsher, grittier and unfriendly atmosphere. Gone are the days of strutting around with your trusty Lightsaber, thus making you slightly more vulnerable, albeit not entirely useless. You are still pretty dangerous as a bounty hunter, even without Jango or Boba’s cool outfit.

When bounty hunter, Star Wars and video game are mentioned in the same phrase, one can quickly cast their minds back to the 2002 Star Wars Bounty Hunter game. The game follows Jango Fett as the main character who hunts down various bounties across 6 different worlds. Surprisingly the game received mixed reviews and scores; it was little more than an add-on to the already expanding Star Wars universe, which you either loved or you hated. It had both its good points as well as its bad. However, whilst not being an instant hit or an immediate failure, it was unique; and a similar game had yet to be attempted. Until now that is.


Maybe it’s me but “I got a bad feeling about this” The population of 1313 should be interesting if nothing!

Star Wars 1313 makes a prominent change to start with, as the main character of the game is not your usual Jedi/Sith or foot soldier variant. Instead you are put into the shoes of a bounty hunter with little in common to the Jango Fett outing, previously mentioned. Although I actually really enjoyed it myself for what it was and for where it was trying to go, I don’t believe it was a successful as it should have been. The question remains, will 1313 be the game that bounty hunter was trying to be.

As much as we like cutting storm troopers down with the power of a Lightsaber or going head to head against the dark forces of the Sith, it’s nice to enjoy a new game perspective. The 3rd person style once again is reminiscent of an Uncharted style character mechanic, which is a great start. The game also promises environmental adaptability and cover combat. As with most of the newer Star Wars games, such as the Force Unleashed, there will no doubt be an element of interacting with the environment around you, to assist you in-game. The combat will, again, probably be your generic style of gun play and close quarters combat; but sadly no specifics on any other style of play have currently been released.


The action will be focused on weapons, gadgets and tools traditionally found with bounty hunters, such as trademark blaster and more than likely an arm attachment or two (although not yet confirmed).

News of a delay of up to a year came as an odd and unwelcome announcement. The game was supposedly going to make an appearance in games stores sometime later this year, with a preview expected at one of the various games conferences to boot. That, sadly, does not seem to be the case; instead the earliest perceived date will be sometime next year in 2014. Why has the game suddenly gone into another year of possible development then?

Some speculation says it is due to be a tie in with the latest upcoming  Star Wars movie by J.J Abraham’s.   Another reason may also be the impending launch of next gen consoles; could a re-think to port the game for the newer console platforms be on the table for the developer’s? After all the trailer for the game was a beautiful cinematic render which could easily be ported to a next gen system. It’s understandable that departments such as Lucas Arts industrial light and magic, Lucas animation and Sky Walker sound have their hands full at present with the upcoming movie, but would this also allow 1313 to benefit from some extra development time.


The trailer for 1313 gives an almost political movie thriller feeling following the characters shown above Coruscant as they descend deep down to its seedy underbelly while mentioning an unravelling of corruption.

The game seems to be a separate entity within the Star Wars universe, although it was noted as being set between the original movies and the prequels. Turning it into a sudden spin-off/tie-in to the new upcoming move seems unlikely, as the game itself was conceived way back in 2009. Lucas Arts stated that the game has not been cancelled, but they are instead focusing their attention on the new upcoming trilogy; with undoubtedly a few more game related installments to follow. This may be a good thing for gamers, if the game is developed for next gen systems; which was previously not seen as an option for the game.

Will Star Wars be reworked as a next gen title? Will the game ever see the light of day? Most of all, will it be worth the wait, or will it lose its current appeal?

Whilst these questions remain unanswerable for now, we can only hope extending the release is a good thing, and that the game will be even more exciting. Until then we will have to quench our fan boy thirst with the current slew of Star Wars games available to us.

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