Assassin’s Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington: The Betrayal DLC Review

AssCreed3TyrannyOfKingWHere we are again for round two of Connor’s bizarro adventure into the alternate universe, where Mr. One Dollar Bill is scoping to be a tyrant, murderer and all round bastard of the land.

In the second part of the three part episodic content, dubbed “The Tyranny of King Washington”, the story picks up from where the first part left off. Connor is now a prisoner in Boston, and is kept under lock and key by General Israel Putnam, the other lackey that is currently licking old Georgie boy’s boots (Benedict Arnold being the original arse kisser).

Naturally, you escape the prison with some other guy, with a name that I can’t type, for I lack the keys to do so. Upon doing so, you are granted a new spirit power. The power of the eagle. Thrilling stuff. It’s a little tricky to get to grips with at first, however, you do get used to it as the game goes on. Power of the eagle provides Connor with the ability to fly easily to high places, and provides a faster means of traversing the map.

36697The story lasts about the same length as the last outing of dlc, with a few variations in the missions here and there. In all honesty, they are fairly menial; some missions are just plain uninteresting or downright frustrating. Did you enjoy the eagle flying mission from the main game? No? Well you’re in luck, because there is some more of that in The Betrayal. In addition, and I kid you not, two missions have you playing checkers. CHECKERS?! Optional objectives are available, once again, on most missions, including those where you play checkers. So if you are a masochist, and like torturing yourself with trivial side objectives, you are well catered for. I’m being melodramatic. Most of the time, they make you play in a way that isn’t just charging in and slaughtering people, but when the objectives pertain to a board game, you begin to question what the developers were thinking.

That aside, there is little else added here, that wasn’t already in the first part. The Betrayal also suffers from the same flaws that The Tyranny did. The main plot is far too short. You are given a handful of lackluster, and quite frankly, dull side missions; and there is very little to do in the way of exploration. The DLC lacks these key elements that made the main game so fun, even if people did experience bugs. For 800 MS points, this certainly isn’t worth the purchase, and if you already have the season pass (like myself), then you are probably beginning to regret buying it.

6Overall, a very run of the mill experience, that drained me, almost to the point where I couldn’t even be bothered finishing it. If you already have the season pass, then you aren’t exactly in for a treat, but you could probably do worse. I have very low expectations for the next part, “The Redemption”, but perhaps it will blow my mind. Probably not. Checkers. Checkers. Checkers. Checkers. Checkers. Checkers. Checkers. Checkers.


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