Write for VGFury

VGF (VGFury) is a freshly setup video game publication / outlet. We’re non-commercial, at least at the moment. Meaning no money is being made, there are no advertisements on the site and if there ever are it will be at least  just to cover hosting fees. So it’s important that this is established first, writing for VGFury is volunteer work, and unpaid.

What VGFury offers you? 

Writing for VGFury provides you with a platform to get heard. Our articles are listed on N4G and read by many across the world. With more writers, we can work towards garnering more attention.

We try to get our hands on promotional content for our reviewers. For instance we were able to snag a copy of indy FPS ‘Wrack’ for review recently. We’ll also be looking to send members of staff to shows like expos like Eurogamer and whatnot.

What VGFury asks of you?

We are fully aware this is just part time volunteer work. So VGFury does not ask much of your time. Ideally you would try and write one article a week but less is also perfectly acceptable, as a writer just be sure to contribute something even if it’s just once a month! The primary concern is the quality of writing is kept to a decent standard. If you’re not confident in your work, don’t worry – we have editors on staff who will go through it and help you get it fit for publication.

What roles is VGFury looking for? 

At the moment we’re looking for people to fill these positions

  • Reviewers / Previewers
  • Reporters (People to report and comment on recent news and write industry relevant opinion pieces)
  • Editors (People to help with quality control)
  • PR Mangers (We require people to manage VGFury’s twitter & Facebook accounts, help communicate with developers / publishers in order to get promotional content for our staff using our official email as well as investigate possible alternative methods to gain exposure.

Bearing in mind these positions aren’t linear. If you’re a editor and want to review occasionally too, that’s encouraged, and if you’re in a big role like PR you do not be responsible for everything that job entails. (as in, one persons role could just be to manage the twitter account).


If you’re interested in writing for VGFury please feel free to contact us on either

Email: mail@vgfury.com / chronospherics@gmail.com

Skype: ChronoJoe


Jozef A Kulik


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